It is thirty years since we married.

Help me with shelling these eggs!

Can you see that flickering light?

This offer does not meet our requirement.

Spock died while in Boston.

Get them out of my sight.

Have you finished writing that song you've been working on?

It'll just take a few more minutes.


I was starting to think Glynn would sleep all day.

The sooner you start saving money for your retirement, the better off you'll be.

How many other guys named James do you know?

Dorothy says he's snuggled with his girlfriend, but they haven't yet kissed.

Steen would never forgive himself if anything happened to Alison.

Based on what you've told me, I don't think I want to go.

Part said that he didn't want to see or speak to anyone.

He made his timely escape from the stock market crash.

It's all right on the part of his family.


We don't need that.


I'm just trying to figure out how to do this.

Did you break that?

She came very near to being run over by a car.


They aren't ready for anything.

You'd better not let Roger know you enjoyed it.

We spent happy days there all the summer.

We got separated.

Six of them return.


It is I that am responsible for the accident.

She sleeps on her stomach.

I can take this to them.

I don't want to stay in bed any longer.

That's all she wrote.

What we did was necessary.

He thinks that gays are funny people.

That's why we must leave.

Being in good shape takes effort.

English is just one of over 2,700 languages in the world today.

You can have mine.

Lou is unscrupulous.

Young men left the family farms as soon as they could.

Sherri wrote something in his notebook.

Greg is sick in the hospital.

I don't think it's up to you to decide.

Conrad is talking with Ben.


How did Marek take it?

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You need to be careful when you're driving a car.

I have a truck.

She is a fluent speaker of English.

Mark carefully transplanted the tiny tomato seedlings into his vegetable patch.

If you whip the cream with sugar in it then it will take longer before it becomes thick.

I am only too happy to know that fact.

I'm glad I don't need that.

My idea differs from his.

Lee Sedol was defeated by Google DeepMind's computer program, Alpha Go.

There really was an Alice, but Wonderland is a figment of the imagination.

Sjaak might have fooled you, but he won't fool me!


"Father!" "Hey, Zelda!" "Hey, King!" "Hey, Link!" "Your Majesty, I missed your beautiful moustache." "Hey, purple turban guy." "...Do you even remember who I am?" "Yes! ...Oh hell, I forgot." "How could you forget my face? It looks so funny! See?" "I was in California for a month and I was too distracted by all the orgies and weed and delicious dinner to think about you." "Of course you forget me... As it is written: screw you, I'm out of here!" "Oh, he was a bore anyway."

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Your software is up-to-date.

I have been busy this week.

I liked both songs very much, and only then I noticed that they'd been written by the same band. At that moment it got one more fan.

They won't be cold.

Where can I buy guitar strings around here?

Everyone does wrong things in their lives.

Let Randell use my dressing room.

Wish me luck, I will need it.

The newcomers were quickly absorbed into the community.

I'm hopeful that can happen now.

Maybe they're hungry.

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If someone paid you to kill Nguyen, would you?

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The concert has already started.

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How many people are there on the payroll?

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Did you have breakfast this morning?


I can't get a hold of him.


Was there anybody in the car?

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That's not such a good idea.

Thomas has a half-sister.

Hui is getting older.

Luis was sure better times were coming.

Why are you dressed up like a clown?

He is a man of power.

Hohn was taken into custody.

Do we really have to do this?

Little by little, the buds on the rosebush in my garden begin to open.

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Electronic commerce began to spread rapidly.

I would've told you, but Triantaphyllos made me promise not to tell.

Don't put sugar in the coffee.

The house was carried away by strong winds.

Wait, it could be dangerous.

No one was supposed to know about that.

Ruth made Ramanan wait for a long time.

I've got my hair dyed black.

In order to bang a blow-up doll, you shouldn't have too sharp a dick.

He is quite a gentleman.

Ronni and Jochen looked at each other and smiled.

You're the only person who ever comes to visit me.

I don't know what you will do.

She's done nothing but cry all day.

It won't be easy for Arlene.

Carisa was too surprised to react.

I want you to ride with her.


Are you bored?


I love the rain while I'm studying in my room.

Tovah was given a 20-week prison sentence.

I'm pretty sure.

I'm sorry but I can't attend the meeting in person.

He heard the noise.

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She always lets her children do what they want to.

A young man robbed an old woman of her handbag.

There's little chance of keeping slim, unless you stick to a diet.

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I'd like to have a spoon.

Elsa and Bruno are watching TV and eating potato chips.

Rainer slapped me.

Are you good at it?

Just because he is poor, it does not follow that he is unhappy.


Put it back where it was.

You're competitive, aren't you?

He was floored by my argument.

Seenu found them.

Uri was laughed at by Fletcher.

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Do you like fish?

He's studying Chinese.

I've been waiting for this to happen.

This is fairly good except for minor mistakes.

Socorrito was born premature.


I am no more happy than you are.

You're a brave woman.

Do you have some kind of hobby?


We just want to sell you things.

Arne never gets anything for Christmas.

He was a great general and statesman.

I don't want to offend you.

You slapped me.


He accounted for his strange acts.


Why is Mat just standing there?

I thank you for your helpfulness.

Even at a distance I could smell her sweet perfume, feel her tender warm touch, bathe in the ineffable light of those beautiful luring green eyes.

Are they talking about them?

Is there any other way to go there?

Your house has a very cozy atmosphere.

Crime is on the increase.

The next train for the airport will depart from platform two.

I can tell you if you promise not to tell anyone.

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Patrice has given his word.

Malloy said he'd found something.

Rudolf reached for another card.


She was scared at the sight of the dead body.

They're interrogating him.

We're going to do everything we can.

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The background check on Moore turned up suspiciously little.


Is it true that Raghu won't come to our party?


I buy lots of stuff at that store.

I don't want to stay here a minute longer than I have to.

Dan took his uniform to a dry-cleaner's.


Paul has his sweater on backwards.

It's our car.

What would you take for the lot?

You were just here last week.

Amos is baffled.

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The church clock gains three minutes a week.

I saw the movie long ago.

Don't you dare do that again.

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What did Srikanth buy?

Keep on with what you're doing.

Maria waited for him, but he didn't come.

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I told them not to drive my car.